Laurie Rutledge joined RUTLEDGE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE in January of 2014. Her awareness to the commercial real estate world had been long recognized as she watched her father in law, Ed Rutledge (broker of 40 plus years) and her husband, Wayne Rutledge (broker of 13 plus years) be very successful in it.

Laurie brings her desire to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Part of the vision for RUTLEDGE REAL ESTATE LLC has been, to treat all clients the way they would want to be treated. Laurie is excited about being part of such an abundantly caring group of real estate professionals. Not only is she bringing a nurturing attitude towards others, she is willing to make changes in our ever-changing world today.

After raising their four adult children, Laurie joined the work force with gusto!  Much of her experience been in Marketing and Office Management.  Laurie is enthusiastic about growing the business, so ALL   our real estate agents can be very successful.  Her motivation of living life to the fullest is the catalyst that drives her every day.

$ 2,500